testing my cooking skills

Every Tuesday night two friends and myself have date night, and we rotate cooking for each other.

This past Tuesday was mine to cook, and hopefully not screw up!  Mema even came this week to eat and visit.

I cooked a new pasta! Very clean, just a tablespoon of olive oil, mushrooms, onions, and spinach!

Mema just watched me cook and didn’t say a word… which must have been hard.  She just got home from a gambling, bridge playing, Biloxi girlfriend trip so we got to hear all of the details.

The onions,mushrooms, and spinach part only took ten minutes, which is awesome, but I always tend to have things coming out at the wrong time… so of course, the noodles weren’t ready.

Luckily I have patient friends and family 🙂 and a sweet apron….

I like to live by the quote “All is well that ends well”

And Mema gave me her *Stamp of Approval* for this dish… one step closer to being more marketable!

{Joe, Mema, and I talked about what we are giving up for lent.   here is how the convo went:

Joe:  Mema, what are you giving up for lent?

Mema: (without hesitation) MEN!

Joe: Well that isn’t hard!

Mema: Well, I don’t know. A man brought me kumquats today!! }

Never a dull moment!

Here is the recipe for the pasta dish

“There’s no fool like an old fool”

Today is going to be *Throwback Thursday*

Every now and then I am going to share one of my favorite Mema stories.   I have inherited much of her love-for-life spirit, and I am truly grateful for that.

[The girls in Mexico. love y’all]

There are a few CLASSIC Mema stories, and this is one of them:

About six years ago, I was celebrating my birthday in Mexico with three of my best friends and family.

The days consisted of laying around the pool & beach, surfing, and eating/drinking way too much.

My grandmother and grandfather came along on the trip… which is saying a lot because four twenty-year-olds, and my brother (17 at the time) tend to get a little rowdy.

[It’s not a Chandler family trip if dance offs aren’t involved!]

For my 20th birthday we went to a bar in downtown Cabo where they serve the [standard] foot-long margaritas.  After one of those bad boys, we were ready to dance.

All of my girlfriends and I got on top of the table in the middle of the bar and started to dance the night away…. CUE TO SEEING MEMA SITTING AT THE TABLE LIKE A NORMAL PERSON…I thought to myself, this is not ok.

We all started the “MEMA” chant until she agreed to stand up and hop on the table with us…of course, it didn’t take THAT much convincing!

Mema got on the table and took a trip to funky town with the rest of us girls… When people at the bar started to notice an 80-year-old dancing on the table we re-started the “MEMA chant” and had the whole bar erupting in applause.

We found these missing photos on my grandfathers camera a few days after he passed, and they surely brought smiles to our faces after some very long days.

Enjoy 🙂

And as Mema always says “There’s no fool like an old fool”

Future *Throwback Thursday* Teasers:

–       tequila and brownies

–        beer pong champion

nothing like a grandmother’s advice

This past weekend a few of my friends came over to cookout at Mema’s house with my dad… while he manned the grill we had some great girl talk over wine…

Mema had some great advice for us when looking for a future husband. She says her top 3 priorities are:

–       dependable

–       trustworthy

–       someone who absolutely       adores you

She also said if someone ever lies to you – let him go! No second chances!  We all kind of sat there thinking about this one, because everyone makes mistakes, right?  But she has a valid point.

One of my favorite quotes from Mema “Looks is only skin deep, but ugly goes straight to the bone.”

I got to spend all weekend with the Love/Marketability guru!  Saturday we went to my dad’s birthday party… here is one of my favorite photos of Mema.  She loves her Riesling!

She made this Happy Birthday banner for the party, which reminds me:

I need to learn how to sew!  I will definitely be taking on that task in the near future.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the party:

Sunday was dedicated to the Super Bowl.  Mema reminded me to have flowers in the house so we went out to her yard and picked a bunch of different ones.

She made sure I picked the right ones, and OF COURSE, she was right – they made the house look beautiful.

The Super Bowl party was a success, and Mema came for awhile.   She gave advice to a bunch of the people there and decided that she is going to do “MEMA BOOTCAMP”  a girls NIGHT and a boys WEEK of advice…

She says we all needed lots of work, but she won’t tell us what she tells the other group.

WHO WANTS IN?!  It’s like going to camp, but better food 🙂

documenting my journey to becoming more marketable

This is my first post. I just have to throw this out there and you can throw it right back,  this blog will not be perfect.  I am a writer, but we all make mistakes after a long day, or not enough coffee.

I feel like I need to give a little background.  My Mema is 85 years old and she is KICKIN’.  I really hope when I grow up I can be just like her.  Everyone who has met Mema, even for a second, knows how special she is.  She lights up a room and is one of the most positive people.

She and I are extremely close… we have weekly sleepovers to catch up and I enjoy the time with her.


Mema first started talking about making me marketable after I got out of a long-term relationship.

She wants me to know the basics:

–       cooking

–       cleaning

–       gardening

Cooking is an ongoing lesson… mema is an amazing cook, and well, I can only cook eggs so these stories should lead to some laughs for all who read.

Cleaning is by far the easiest. I’m no housewife, but I can clean a space and make it look nice.  These lessons have been the easiest so far.

Gardening…. Yikes…. I’m not sure if this is even desired anymore? What do you think?  Does a woman need to be able to plant flowers? Herbs?

At any rate, I tried it. I have these lovely flower boxes that really do brighten my life and flowers by my mailbox… of course now they are dead, but it’s winter!  They had to die at some point!

So this blog will chronicle all of the ups and downs… and mostly the fails, but at least it’s good for a laugh, right?!