nothing like a grandmother’s advice

This past weekend a few of my friends came over to cookout at Mema’s house with my dad… while he manned the grill we had some great girl talk over wine…

Mema had some great advice for us when looking for a future husband. She says her top 3 priorities are:

–       dependable

–       trustworthy

–       someone who absolutely       adores you

She also said if someone ever lies to you – let him go! No second chances!  We all kind of sat there thinking about this one, because everyone makes mistakes, right?  But she has a valid point.

One of my favorite quotes from Mema “Looks is only skin deep, but ugly goes straight to the bone.”

I got to spend all weekend with the Love/Marketability guru!  Saturday we went to my dad’s birthday party… here is one of my favorite photos of Mema.  She loves her Riesling!

She made this Happy Birthday banner for the party, which reminds me:

I need to learn how to sew!  I will definitely be taking on that task in the near future.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the party:

Sunday was dedicated to the Super Bowl.  Mema reminded me to have flowers in the house so we went out to her yard and picked a bunch of different ones.

She made sure I picked the right ones, and OF COURSE, she was right – they made the house look beautiful.

The Super Bowl party was a success, and Mema came for awhile.   She gave advice to a bunch of the people there and decided that she is going to do “MEMA BOOTCAMP”  a girls NIGHT and a boys WEEK of advice…

She says we all needed lots of work, but she won’t tell us what she tells the other group.

WHO WANTS IN?!  It’s like going to camp, but better food 🙂

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