testing my cooking skills

Every Tuesday night two friends and myself have date night, and we rotate cooking for each other.

This past Tuesday was mine to cook, and hopefully not screw up!  Mema even came this week to eat and visit.

I cooked a new pasta! Very clean, just a tablespoon of olive oil, mushrooms, onions, and spinach!

Mema just watched me cook and didn’t say a word… which must have been hard.  She just got home from a gambling, bridge playing, Biloxi girlfriend trip so we got to hear all of the details.

The onions,mushrooms, and spinach part only took ten minutes, which is awesome, but I always tend to have things coming out at the wrong time… so of course, the noodles weren’t ready.

Luckily I have patient friends and family 🙂 and a sweet apron….

I like to live by the quote “All is well that ends well”

And Mema gave me her *Stamp of Approval* for this dish… one step closer to being more marketable!

{Joe, Mema, and I talked about what we are giving up for lent.   here is how the convo went:

Joe:  Mema, what are you giving up for lent?

Mema: (without hesitation) MEN!

Joe: Well that isn’t hard!

Mema: Well, I don’t know. A man brought me kumquats today!! }

Never a dull moment!

Here is the recipe for the pasta dish

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