It’s wine time!

Joe and I made this wine last August with my Aunt Ginny! It took a lot of self control to not taste it until now, but we have plenty of reason to celebrate!

One of my dearest friends Joe is leaving for New York City!

Cheers! We call this red “camel” after a Picasso sketch.





we got to choose you.

On Monday night Mema spoke to the Kappa Delta’s about her experience with the Children’s Homes Society, and adopting my dad and Aunt Ginny.  (btw, she loved coming to the chapter meeting)

After listening to her speak about the experiences her and my grandfather had, I thought I would dedicate a post to how grateful I am they adopted.

{photo of Mema, my Dad, and Aunt Ginny when they were kids}

I decided I would stick to just a few of my favorite stories THIS IS HARD:


When my grandparents were adopting my dad, the person in charge of adoption asked my grandfather how he felt about education and he said firmly,  “I will pay for as much education as he wants.”  LITTLE DID HE KNOW BERT CHANDLER WOULD GO TO PRE-SCHOOL, K-12, AND 13 YEARS OF COLLEGE.


Every night when my grandparents would put them to sleep, they would tell the kids the story of how they went to adopt them and “pick them out.”

Mema would say “All of the other parents got stuck with their kids, but we got to CHOOSE you.”

I was talking to Aunt Ginny about funny stories when they were kids and she said:

“I am the  luckiest adopted woman in the world, not only did I get the most incredible parents-but the most fantastic brother that there ever was.”

Thank God for Mema and Papa adopting, for the Children’s Homes Society, and all of the other parents who get to choose their children.

comment below and share your adoption stories 🙂

Read this on “Finding Gravity” blog, it reminds me so much of my dad and I.

The Renegade Rulebook

A few months ago, I featured a post titled “Ten Things I Learned From My Mom.” I’ve spent the last few weeks reflecting, and decided that I also wanted to feature a similar post dedicated to my father. I’m fortunate enough to have two loving parents that I am very close with, and I hope some day that I can take everything I’ve learned from them, and apply it to my own parenting techniques.

1. Kick ‘Em Where It Hurts

In first grade, I came off the school bus hysterically crying. My dad met me at the top of our driveway, tried to console the sobbing little human peeking timidly up at him from underneath her bangs, while clutching her ninja turtle lunch box. After he asked me what was wrong, I explained that another boy on the bus had been saying mean things to me. My dad told me…

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It’s Not Always 50/50

We took this video in Utah as Mema was making breakfast…

It’s time for some Mema mid-week advice.

She says people ask her all the time… what is the secret to a great relationship?

It’s simple, she says.


Sometimes you are going to give 75 percent and your partner will give 25, and sometimes you are the 10 percent, and the other is the 90, but you need to know when to give and take to appreciate the balance.

Makes ’em & Breaks ’em


What is that mema?

“it’s a heart… I make ’em and I break ’em”

Oh goodness, we are having a blast on vacation…

At dinner for Kirstin’s birthday, my other step sister Brandi asked me about my new fondu set, which reminded us of how NOT marketable I am.

I was so excited to use the new set! I was making my friend’s birthday dinner and for dessert we were going to fondue! I got all of the ingredients for chocolate fondue & I was all set.

I get back to the house… I’m making dinner, and I remember the chocolate!

One of my friends is already over at my house and asks me what we will be dipping in the fondue…

OH WAIT– I forgot that part of the dessert!! You actually have to buy fruit, pretzels, or marshmellows to dip in, wow!! What a novel idea!

So the whole family dinner- my family reminded me that you need these things to dip in fondue, and of course we ordered it for dessert! Many jokes were made, well played, family!

Here are some pictures of the fondue… We had a little Country Comes to Town moment roasting smores over the candles!


{throwback thursday} beer pong champion

For all of you football fans, you know as soon as football season ends we have National Signing Day to look forward to, and then the Spring Game.

The Florida State spring game is getting bigger and bigger, and has included the use of fireworks at the end which really appeals to the pyro in all of us.

But back to the story

Spring Game 2008 was upon us. Who doesn’t love a reason to tailgate?

My friends and I set up business as usual, and brought our beer pong table. Some fine young men started playing, and my dad and Mema show up to the tailgate.

Mema sees the game and wants to know what is going on with this ping pong game… We show her the basics and she decides she is going to play.

It’s not even worth trying to put this moment into words, BUT watch the video and you will see how not only do we win the game, but she wins while playing with an UNDERHANDED throw.

If being able to school someone in beer pong isn’t marketable, I don’t know what is.