we got to choose you.

On Monday night Mema spoke to the Kappa Delta’s about her experience with the Children’s Homes Society, and adopting my dad and Aunt Ginny.  (btw, she loved coming to the chapter meeting)

After listening to her speak about the experiences her and my grandfather had, I thought I would dedicate a post to how grateful I am they adopted.

{photo of Mema, my Dad, and Aunt Ginny when they were kids}

I decided I would stick to just a few of my favorite stories THIS IS HARD:


When my grandparents were adopting my dad, the person in charge of adoption asked my grandfather how he felt about education and he said firmly,  “I will pay for as much education as he wants.”  LITTLE DID HE KNOW BERT CHANDLER WOULD GO TO PRE-SCHOOL, K-12, AND 13 YEARS OF COLLEGE.


Every night when my grandparents would put them to sleep, they would tell the kids the story of how they went to adopt them and “pick them out.”

Mema would say “All of the other parents got stuck with their kids, but we got to CHOOSE you.”

I was talking to Aunt Ginny about funny stories when they were kids and she said:

“I am the  luckiest adopted woman in the world, not only did I get the most incredible parents-but the most fantastic brother that there ever was.”

Thank God for Mema and Papa adopting, for the Children’s Homes Society, and all of the other parents who get to choose their children.

comment below and share your adoption stories 🙂

12 thoughts on “we got to choose you.

  1. I think Mom and Dad may have been second guessing their choice with my daily corporal punishment “adjustments” from Priniple Ashmore,Prinicple Englert, Mrs. Harter and Mrs Vick. God bless Tallahassee and Kate Sullivan school!

  2. As another adopted child, I always tell people that I was “chosen, not just pot luck.” I too am very grateful for my mom and dad. Many always ask if I ever wanted to know who my birth parents were. My response was always no. I know who my parents are.

    Thanks Jill! I love reading these. They always make me smile. I am so proud of the woman you have become. Love you and miss you bunches.

  3. Really great post. I want to have kids of my own my also adopt. So many kids out there right now that will never have an experience like this. So sad.

  4. Beautiful…I tell my 11 year old all the time how special she is because I got to CHOOSE her! I think that unless you are in a family that is involved with adoption in one way or another, it is hard to understand how truly magical it really is,how much love is brought into the family, and how the family tends to bond even tighter because of the special circumstances involved!

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