“it will get you a marriage proposal”

One of the things I love the most about Easter is being able to spend time with family.

Before the weekend arrived, my step sister Brandi told me it was my annual duty to dye the eggs for the Easter Egg hunt.  (probably one of the only things they trust me to do)

Here are some of the photos from our EGGstravaganza on Friday night, and Kirstin helped me out!  By the way, this was Kirstin’s first time dying Easter Eggs, pretty sure she was never a kid.

Saturday was the REAL becoming marketable challenge.  Brandi decided it was time to put our big girl pants on and learn how to make the Easter Dinner dessert: BANANA PUDDING.  Looks like it isn’t ONLY Mema trying to help a sister out!

This is Brandi & Kirstin’s family recipe, which is why I am not allowed to post… Brandi might kill me, but on a lighter note, she says “it will get us a marriage proposal!”

We learned all about peaks, making your own pudding (I didn’t know this was even possible, doesn’t it all come in a little box?), and how making this dessert can be a real workout.

To start we made the whipped cream… now I finally know what a Kitchen-Ade is, and I want one!

Kirstin and I are ready to take on this puddin’

Brandi tells us “just a little bit of water in the double boiler… don’t screw this up, girls!”

The double boiler is key to making the perfect pudding (apparently)

Once the whipped cream has “peaks” it is ready to be chilled!

I was in charge of the pudding stirring… they didn’t tell me this would take 45 minutes…

This was seriously a work out, and I worked up a sweat…”Sometimes cookin’ ain’t pretty!” – Brandi

Kirstin did a fabulous job of slicing the perfect banana.

Here’s our homemade puddin’ after what seemed like hours of elbow grease!

Here’s another trick Brandi taught us… If you don’t want a film on your pudding, you put saran wrap on it while it chills.

“Try to make this one pretty!”

my favorite part: licking the spoon!

Cheers! We aren’t TOTALLY helpless 🙂

5 thoughts on ““it will get you a marriage proposal”

  1. There is nothing better than “granny’s” homemade banana pudding !!!!! Jill, you have been blessed to even be in the kitchen while Brandi is preparing this dessert ( of course she did need someone to stir this, that could stand there that long, notice she did not ask Kirstin to do it !)Attention span is to short 🙂
    She is right it is a guarded family recipe Hope you enjoyed the banana pudding and had a wonderful blessed Easter!

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