Tequila Talks!

Back when Mema was President of the Emertis Alumni at Florida State, she took it upon herself to boost Alumni membership.

Her idea was to make brownies and have a sign up sheet at an FSU football tailgate.

Well my Aunt had a better idea! Why don’t we do tequila shooters AND brownies and people can take their picks?!

My Aunt took care of the supplies and they hit the ground running.

They had tequila, limes, salt and brownies… winning combo.

Picture this: Mema with a table set up full of Tequila Shots, brownies, and information on the Alumni Association.

You could have seen our tailgate from a mile away. People started lining up, giving out their credit card numbers, and taking shots.

Why wouldn’t you want to take a shot with a cute gray haired foxy lady??

This one man who is a GATOR signed up for a LIFETIME membership.

Mema left with almost $2,000 dollars for the Alumni Association and went on her merry way.

You should have seen the faces of the Alumni Associations staff members on Monday morning.

She laid out the bulging envelope, and what do you know, tequila talks!

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