Manic Monday

Normally Mondays are about the same every week… a run in the morning, busy day at work, and then dinner and laying low at night.

Today, my day had something else in store for me. Little did I know one of my biggest fails would be waiting for me (Happy Monday!)

I was getting ready for work like I normally do. Running around the house, cooking breakfast, etc… except for today I had some ironing to do.

I got down to it and start ironing, only what in the heck was that?! DID I JUST TAKE AN IRON TO THE BARE BELLY?!! My skin starts throbbing and some not so nice things fly out of my mouth.

And just like that,       Ironing: 1       Jill: 0 

Well you may ask how I got into this epic showdown with an iron to bare skin? I’ll save that for later.


I realize how bad I’m hurting so I text my Dad and see what he thinks I should do. I don’t dare call Mema because she will tell me to put Turpentine on it– her solution to all wounds/ailments/bad attitudes.

When he doesn’t answer, I go to the second best doctor I know.


The burn isn’t getting any better.  Does anyone know of any good tricks?

The lesson I learned today is don’t iron in your birthday suit. It’s not marketable, and turns out, it’s pretty painful.

14 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. Jill I am so sorry…I would put some antibiotic cream on it…and remember…always wear clothes when you iron…love you!

  2. Oh noooo! That looks brutally painful! I did laugh while reading this, for which I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t help it. Especially at this: “I don’t dare call Mema because she will tell me to put Turpentine on it– her solution to all wounds/ailments/bad attitudes.” It reminds me of my Mom Mom, except her cure-all is Vaseline (and a shot of brandy).

    • Haha, I laugh thinking about it now, but BOY it sure does hurt! I currently have a strand of band aids lining the burnt spot :/

      Vasline is a cure-all! I use it for chap stick, lotion, well really anything… I’m with your Mom Mom! And who doesn’t like a shot of brandy?!

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