Memorial Day Memories

A coworker passed along this photo Monday.  It is so neat – can you imagine all of the men lining up to get the perfect photo and the amount of time it took?

It got me thinking of all of the men who served their country, especially my Papa. He would have turned 87 today and I miss him dearly.

He was such a stud in these photos. I am so glad we have them, and I am extremely thankful I grew up listening to the war stories.

[My grandfather is on the left]

We would sit in the kitchen and he would make me popcorn.  He didn’t talk a lot, but when he did, I knew to listen.

How many of you have grandparents who fought in the wars? What kind of stories did they tell you?  We have a lot to be thankful for.

12 thoughts on “Memorial Day Memories

  1. Bean, this is so amazing! I have some stories of my Gramps rushing the shores of Normandy. Crazy stories. Wish I had all the pictures you did…so many awesome pics to share with your little ones…one day….NO RUSH:)

  2. Oh Jill this made me tear up. It reminds me of my Pop Pop, so much! He served in the Navy in WWII, in the South Pacific, and I have a collection of similar black and white photos he took there that I absolutely treasure. I keep meaning to take them to a professional to be scanned and cleaned up digitally.

    Thanks for sharing these! And yes, your Papa is quite a stud! 😉

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