DIY Hanging Flower Cans

Mema and I saw this idea and we decided we just had to try it out.  The hanging flower cans are made out of old coffee tins — perfect for a little Mema and Jill Do It Yourself project.

All you need is the cans, rope, spray paint and the ability to work a drill to make the holes.  I’ll be honest — we had help on the drilling 🙂

We decided to put potato plant in the hanging flower cans because we like the lime green and bright blue together.

Mema was a great creative director:

We only had a few mishaps… like accidentally spray painting my hands. Oops!

The paint was extremely hard to get off. We tried ammonia and nail polish remover.  After those didn’t work, Mema ran off to find her cure all — Turpentine.  I am now a believer. It took of the paint immediately! Gotta love the old fashioned remedies.

Thank you, Dad!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dad’s out there, but especially to mine.

It took me awhile to realize just how awesome my dad is.  I thought everyone’s dad spent lots of time with them and took interest in their lives.

My dad always made it a point to make time for me. Starting when I was 12 – years – old he took me on a trip very year — just us two.  Some of my favorite memories are from those trips… Starting with Disney World (standard 12-year-old move) to surprising me with Donna Summer tickets in Boston.  These trips are priceless.

Right after seeing Donna Summer perform!

Snowboarding in Telluride, Co.

One of the things that came out of these trips was realizing his unconditional love for both me and my brother. I know I can call him in the middle of the night and he will be there for me. I cannot thank him enough.

Gib, Dad and I in Chile

He pushed me hard, but encouraged me even harder. I couldn’t have done it without you, Dad!

What are your favorite memories with your dad?

Beers in Utah

Football Season – Go ‘Noles!

Dad visiting me in DC

Graduate School Graduation

Birthday Celebration

Another year older, another year wiser?  Not so sure on that one.

My birthday is actually Tuesday, but some of my family came down to visit and celebrate over the weekend — I am one lucky girl!

I pulled up to Mema’s house and she had the banner outside. It put a big smile on my face.

I love family get togethers at my grandmothers house. We love good food and good wine 🙂 I wasn’t complaining about the appetizer spread.

My Aunt surprised me with my favorite food: BOILED PEANUTS! I almost died of happiness.

The nephews –Day and Ford– came running in saying “Happy Birthday Jill! Happy Birthday Jill!” I could just tell they practiced it all day 🙂

Of course, Carlos came — we are born one day apart and celebrate every year together. Here is our birthday kids photo:

There is nothing better than being around the people you love for special occasions.

Aunt Ginny, cousin John, Mema and I

After we got done eating, my nephews ran over to me.  I see the cake coming at me and everyone starts singing. Then I realize the boys had decorated it for me.

It was such a sweet moment. They were so excited to see it and help me blow out the candles. I love those boys with my whole heart.

Libby and the cake

I wasn’t surprised or anything?!

It was great to celebrate with close friends, laugh and remember all of the great times we have had together. Of course, we missed those who couldn’t be there. You know who you are.

Daddy’s Girl

Karaoke Champions

I work for an amazing advertising/pr firm, The Zimmerman Agency, and we take work and play very seriously.

I have the pleasure of working for Hard Rock International. We had a meeting in Orlando at the beginning of the week.

We got this email announcing there would be a karaoke challenge while we were there…

I’m a pretty competitive person, as are my co workers, and we gladly accepted this challenge.

Oh but what to sing? Don’t want to go too standard and boring. For my number we choose an original by Salt n’ Pepa “Whatta Man” and our team also sung “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” “Here I Go Again,” “Come to My Window” and “You Outta Know.”

Here is a short movie montage of two of them. I am so proud of myself and Kerry Anne, a.k.a. Salt, for our award winning performance.

I’m pretty sure my rap skills are marketable 🙂 What do you think Mema?

New Guest Room

I have been living in my home for almost two years now and I have FINALLY finished the guest bedroom, all thanks to my Aunt Ginny!

I had guests coming in town for the weekend and so I had motivation to get it done quickly.

Aunt Ginny surprised me with the completed room when I got home from work and I could not be more obsessed! She is always so good at finding unique items and making it all work. I need to learn her skills!



With some of the items in the room:



And this is what I came home to (best surprise EVER):








I’m loving the shutter headboard. So creative!