Karaoke Champions

I work for an amazing advertising/pr firm, The Zimmerman Agency, and we take work and play very seriously.

I have the pleasure of working for Hard Rock International. We had a meeting in Orlando at the beginning of the week.

We got this email announcing there would be a karaoke challenge while we were there…

I’m a pretty competitive person, as are my co workers, and we gladly accepted this challenge.

Oh but what to sing? Don’t want to go too standard and boring. For my number we choose an original by Salt n’ Pepa “Whatta Man” and our team also sung “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” “Here I Go Again,” “Come to My Window” and “You Outta Know.”

Here is a short movie montage of two of them. I am so proud of myself and Kerry Anne, a.k.a. Salt, for our award winning performance.

I’m pretty sure my rap skills are marketable 🙂 What do you think Mema?

10 thoughts on “Karaoke Champions

  1. Baby Spice you ROCKED it out at Salt! My new favorite Zeep you are 😉 I say we learn the whole album and take it on tour!

  2. You guys are so cute and confident! The Zimmerman agency is fortunate to have such talented ladies working for them.

  3. So, I was singing along to this song during the video. Why is it that all the parts of the song that you emphasize are the exact same ones I was doing sitting here at my desk. And the dance moves too? Weird. Great minds think a lot. Don’t hate me cuz you ain’t me! Love this darlin’!

  4. Oh Jill … I’m speechless. (That’s a first for me.) After all the years of stage and screen performances I STILL don’t have that much courage. AND perfect pitch! I bow to you.

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