Snapshots from The City


Birthday Boy!

Start of Fuerza Bruta

Look Up

View from Brooklyn

Enjoying the view


Family is Family


Joe and his ladies

Seared Scallop Success

My mom brought me some delicious scallops that she caught over the weekend. Thanks Mom!

I decided that it was time to venture into the seafood world with a seared scallop salad.

– avacado                      – apple

– pear                            – greens of your choice

– walnuts or almonds    – edamame

– seared scallops

The scallops were super easy and fast. Just patted them dry and threw some salt and pepper on them and cooked them with a little olive oil.

keep pARTying

How do you throw the most rockin’ three-year-old birthday party? Well, just see for yourself. My older and wiser stepsister Brandi is the #1 party planner.

My twin nephews Day & Ford just turned three and had an art party theme complete with a finger paint station, canvas painting station and coloring station.  Not to mention, there was a professional face painter to paint the faces of the more than 20 + kids that came!

The paint cans hung on a wire and said “Day & Ford are 3.” Such a creative, fun idea.

Party Favors: keep pARTying!

Day & Ford are 3!

Ford painting

Day gets his face painted

Picasso’s Punch

Aunt KT and Aunt Jill didn’t have any fun 🙂

Happy Birthday!

Feels So Close

Football Season… only 50 days away.

Photo courtesy of FSU Heritage Protocol

This is also Mema and I’s favorite season.  I can already hear the warchant, feel the energy of Doak Campbell stadium and smell the mixture of delicious food and whiskey drinks.

Cheering for the ‘Noles @ Georgia Tech

What are your favorite football traditions? Beerpong? Tailgating? Cornhole?

Party in the USA

It’s almost the Fourth of July – hooray!

This weekend I had the privilege of wearing my party expert hat again—in Chicago.

I was excited for multiple reasons:

•  Love America

•  Like to chant USA loudly

•  Got to meet new friends and see the city

Here are some of the photos and this time I actually have a video 🙂

Happy Fourth of July, folks! Hope everyone has a great Independence Day!