Traveling with Trouble

Recently I drove Mema and one of her friends home from the mountains. A sign was made that read,

“Honk if you think Cougars are hot!”

As we rode down the interstate, we saw plenty of weird looks and even got a few honks.


Seared Scallop Success

My mom brought me some delicious scallops that she caught over the weekend. Thanks Mom!

I decided that it was time to venture into the seafood world with a seared scallop salad.

– avacado                      – apple

– pear                            – greens of your choice

– walnuts or almonds    – edamame

– seared scallops

The scallops were super easy and fast. Just patted them dry and threw some salt and pepper on them and cooked them with a little olive oil.

keep pARTying

How do you throw the most rockin’ three-year-old birthday party? Well, just see for yourself. My older and wiser stepsister Brandi is the #1 party planner.

My twin nephews Day & Ford just turned three and had an art party theme complete with a finger paint station, canvas painting station and coloring station.  Not to mention, there was a professional face painter to paint the faces of the more than 20 + kids that came!

The paint cans hung on a wire and said “Day & Ford are 3.” Such a creative, fun idea.

Party Favors: keep pARTying!

Day & Ford are 3!

Ford painting

Day gets his face painted

Picasso’s Punch

Aunt KT and Aunt Jill didn’t have any fun 🙂

Happy Birthday!

Feels So Close

Football Season… only 50 days away.

Photo courtesy of FSU Heritage Protocol

This is also Mema and I’s favorite season.  I can already hear the warchant, feel the energy of Doak Campbell stadium and smell the mixture of delicious food and whiskey drinks.

Cheering for the ‘Noles @ Georgia Tech

What are your favorite football traditions? Beerpong? Tailgating? Cornhole?

Party in the USA

It’s almost the Fourth of July – hooray!

This weekend I had the privilege of wearing my party expert hat again—in Chicago.

I was excited for multiple reasons:

•  Love America

•  Like to chant USA loudly

•  Got to meet new friends and see the city

Here are some of the photos and this time I actually have a video 🙂

Happy Fourth of July, folks! Hope everyone has a great Independence Day!