keep pARTying

How do you throw the most rockin’ three-year-old birthday party? Well, just see for yourself. My older and wiser stepsister Brandi is the #1 party planner.

My twin nephews Day & Ford just turned three and had an art party theme complete with a finger paint station, canvas painting station and coloring station.  Not to mention, there was a professional face painter to paint the faces of the more than 20 + kids that came!

The paint cans hung on a wire and said “Day & Ford are 3.” Such a creative, fun idea.

Party Favors: keep pARTying!

Day & Ford are 3!

Ford painting

Day gets his face painted

Picasso’s Punch

Aunt KT and Aunt Jill didn’t have any fun 🙂

Happy Birthday!

4 thoughts on “keep pARTying

  1. It was such a fun birthday party! All of the kids from the youngest to the oldest had a blast and when they weren’t painting they were playing on the swing/gym set or sandbox. What fun!

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