Don’t Knock It Till You TRI It

My friends and I decided a few months back that we would TRI a new challenge, the Tri The Rez triathlon.
It’s quite comical because we all have our own strengths of the three parts of the race. My worst is definitely swimming. To make training more enjoyable, we goofed off, a lot…

We went into the race wanting to have fun and enjoy a nice Saturday morning activity, but we would be lying if we said we weren’t nervous standing there by the water before the whistle went off.

I think the key to enjoying Triathlons is a good support system and not taking yourself too seriously.

Libby and I laughed and joked the whole time on the bike and she may, or may not have,  had to pull me in the swim — what a great friend!

One thing we all loved was the triathlon community, everyone was cheering us on and encouraging us the entire way. Entering the last mile of the run, I was just pumped to finish and have a beer. I definitely couldn’t have finished without my two “shred sisters.”

Officially Triathletes

From triathlons to tailgates, we had our Saturday covered. Hopefully this won’t be a one time event, but a new lifestyle.

With Our Favorite Den Mother

Life’s Moments Captured

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I think a painting may be more.

One of my best friends, Joe, was recently in town and surprised me with a gift.

After quickly unwrapping, I saw the beautiful painting. This photo means so much to me, not only is it one of my favorites, but we took this the day my grandfather passed away.  Mema told me we needed to be happy even through the tough times. She said that he is in a better place, and we that we are blessed to have each other to lean on.

When I saw the painting, it took me right back to that moment two and a half years ago.

It means the world to me that Joe had this painted for me, but also because our friend P.J. painted it.  He is extremely talented and I’m sure put extra love into it.
I am obsessed with the details on Mema’s face and the way he made the photo come to life.

To view the whole progress of the painting, click the image below (Thank you PJ!):