Tequila Talks!

Back when Mema was President of the Emertis Alumni at Florida State, she took it upon herself to boost Alumni membership.

Her idea was to make brownies and have a sign up sheet at an FSU football tailgate.

Well my Aunt had a better idea! Why don’t we do tequila shooters AND brownies and people can take their picks?!

My Aunt took care of the supplies and they hit the ground running.

They had tequila, limes, salt and brownies… winning combo.

Picture this: Mema with a table set up full of Tequila Shots, brownies, and information on the Alumni Association.

You could have seen our tailgate from a mile away. People started lining up, giving out their credit card numbers, and taking shots.

Why wouldn’t you want to take a shot with a cute gray haired foxy lady??

This one man who is a GATOR signed up for a LIFETIME membership.

Mema left with almost $2,000 dollars for the Alumni Association and went on her merry way.

You should have seen the faces of the Alumni Associations staff members on Monday morning.

She laid out the bulging envelope, and what do you know, tequila talks!

{throwback thursday} beer pong champion

For all of you football fans, you know as soon as football season ends we have National Signing Day to look forward to, and then the Spring Game.

The Florida State spring game is getting bigger and bigger, and has included the use of fireworks at the end which really appeals to the pyro in all of us.

But back to the story

Spring Game 2008 was upon us. Who doesn’t love a reason to tailgate?

My friends and I set up business as usual, and brought our beer pong table. Some fine young men started playing, and my dad and Mema show up to the tailgate.

Mema sees the game and wants to know what is going on with this ping pong game… We show her the basics and she decides she is going to play.

It’s not even worth trying to put this moment into words, BUT watch the video and you will see how not only do we win the game, but she wins while playing with an UNDERHANDED throw.

If being able to school someone in beer pong isn’t marketable, I don’t know what is.

“There’s no fool like an old fool”

Today is going to be *Throwback Thursday*

Every now and then I am going to share one of my favorite Mema stories.   I have inherited much of her love-for-life spirit, and I am truly grateful for that.

[The girls in Mexico. love y’all]

There are a few CLASSIC Mema stories, and this is one of them:

About six years ago, I was celebrating my birthday in Mexico with three of my best friends and family.

The days consisted of laying around the pool & beach, surfing, and eating/drinking way too much.

My grandmother and grandfather came along on the trip… which is saying a lot because four twenty-year-olds, and my brother (17 at the time) tend to get a little rowdy.

[It’s not a Chandler family trip if dance offs aren’t involved!]

For my 20th birthday we went to a bar in downtown Cabo where they serve the [standard] foot-long margaritas.  After one of those bad boys, we were ready to dance.

All of my girlfriends and I got on top of the table in the middle of the bar and started to dance the night away…. CUE TO SEEING MEMA SITTING AT THE TABLE LIKE A NORMAL PERSON…I thought to myself, this is not ok.

We all started the “MEMA” chant until she agreed to stand up and hop on the table with us…of course, it didn’t take THAT much convincing!

Mema got on the table and took a trip to funky town with the rest of us girls… When people at the bar started to notice an 80-year-old dancing on the table we re-started the “MEMA chant” and had the whole bar erupting in applause.

We found these missing photos on my grandfathers camera a few days after he passed, and they surely brought smiles to our faces after some very long days.

Enjoy 🙂

And as Mema always says “There’s no fool like an old fool”

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