3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. One of my favorite memories of playing on the beach was when all the cousins would come visit us and we would build foxholes on the beach..really big ones.then we would divide up into teams usually boys against girls and we would make sand balls….hard wet sand covered with layers of dry and wet sand…then we would bomb each other for hours….it was awesome..we had a great time and only gpt a little sunburned…Also it kept all of us out of the house so our parents could have a little peace and quiet…it was a win-win for every one.

  2. Also this beach trip we had a treasure hunt for the kids on Uncle Marcus’s birthday..I went to the bank and got rolls of nickles and Marcus put a roll in 10 different little burlap sacks..he tied each one up and hid them all over the front yard of the beach house…and marked them with pieces of shell that had numbers painted on them…The kids were only able to find 7 of the ten bags of treasure…some how they shells got misplaced on a few of them….so if anyone rents the house named the turnip patch on St. George Island….you may be able to find the missing treasure that was left in the front yard!

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