Happy One Month Noles

It has been a month and a day since we won the national championship and I cannot wait to celebrate for the next eleven.

I have done the most terrible job blogging, but wanted to share photos of the championship game. Mema, my grandmother, made us all Jameis Winston headbands to wear to the game. She distributed them to the family before we jumped on the plane. I’m pretty sure the rest of the airport was jealous.


The game was terrifying and exciting all at the same time with the Noles coming out on top in the last few minutes. I love this photo and the fact that Mema is still wearing her headband — she is a trooper.




Go Noles! >>—>>

Mema’s Take 9.18.12

It’s time for another “Mema’s Take” where she imparts her knowledge upon us.

Red or White Wine?

I don’t know, but I do know different personality types choose different ones. Like me, I like to party and fun a good time and I like white!

What did you think of the Spice Girls Reunion at the Olympics?

I like my spices where I can see them everyday — in my kitchen cabinet.

How do you feel about Florida State being ranked #4?

It doesn’t matter where we are as long as we are ahead of Steve Spurrier’s team and that other team from Gainesville.

What do you think of the crop top fad?

I’ve always said ‘it pays to advertise!’

** If you have questions for Mema, just comment and she will answer them on the next “Mema’s Take” blog post**

Feels So Close

Football Season… only 50 days away.

Photo courtesy of FSU Heritage Protocol

This is also Mema and I’s favorite season.  I can already hear the warchant, feel the energy of Doak Campbell stadium and smell the mixture of delicious food and whiskey drinks.

Cheering for the ‘Noles @ Georgia Tech

What are your favorite football traditions? Beerpong? Tailgating? Cornhole?

{throwback thursday} beer pong champion

For all of you football fans, you know as soon as football season ends we have National Signing Day to look forward to, and then the Spring Game.

The Florida State spring game is getting bigger and bigger, and has included the use of fireworks at the end which really appeals to the pyro in all of us.

But back to the story

Spring Game 2008 was upon us. Who doesn’t love a reason to tailgate?

My friends and I set up business as usual, and brought our beer pong table. Some fine young men started playing, and my dad and Mema show up to the tailgate.

Mema sees the game and wants to know what is going on with this ping pong game… We show her the basics and she decides she is going to play.

It’s not even worth trying to put this moment into words, BUT watch the video and you will see how not only do we win the game, but she wins while playing with an UNDERHANDED throw.

If being able to school someone in beer pong isn’t marketable, I don’t know what is.