Makes ’em & Breaks ’em


What is that mema?

“it’s a heart… I make ’em and I break ’em”

Oh goodness, we are having a blast on vacation…

At dinner for Kirstin’s birthday, my other step sister Brandi asked me about my new fondu set, which reminded us of how NOT marketable I am.

I was so excited to use the new set! I was making my friend’s birthday dinner and for dessert we were going to fondue! I got all of the ingredients for chocolate fondue & I was all set.

I get back to the house… I’m making dinner, and I remember the chocolate!

One of my friends is already over at my house and asks me what we will be dipping in the fondue…

OH WAIT– I forgot that part of the dessert!! You actually have to buy fruit, pretzels, or marshmellows to dip in, wow!! What a novel idea!

So the whole family dinner- my family reminded me that you need these things to dip in fondue, and of course we ordered it for dessert! Many jokes were made, well played, family!

Here are some pictures of the fondue… We had a little Country Comes to Town moment roasting smores over the candles!


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