DIY Hanging Flower Cans

Mema and I saw this idea and we decided we just had to try it out.  The hanging flower cans are made out of old coffee tins — perfect for a little Mema and Jill Do It Yourself project.

All you need is the cans, rope, spray paint and the ability to work a drill to make the holes.  I’ll be honest — we had help on the drilling 🙂

We decided to put potato plant in the hanging flower cans because we like the lime green and bright blue together.

Mema was a great creative director:

We only had a few mishaps… like accidentally spray painting my hands. Oops!

The paint was extremely hard to get off. We tried ammonia and nail polish remover.  After those didn’t work, Mema ran off to find her cure all — Turpentine.  I am now a believer. It took of the paint immediately! Gotta love the old fashioned remedies.

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