Why We Love College Football

College football kicks off THIS week! In honor of my favorite time of year, here are a few reasons WHY we love college football.

  1. Tradition

It doesn’t matter what school/team you cheer for. One of the things that keeps you coming back is tradition.  Seeing your team run out on the field, the spear planted in the center and screaming your head off with friends and fans all around you.

  1. It’s American

What’s more American than football?  The hard working qualities that all of the players possess courage, dedication, teamwork… all American qualities that have made our country what it is today.

  1. Tailgating

I may not be marketable, but if marketability was judged solely on tailgating skills, I may just lead the pack. Tailgating is the perfect time to catch up with old friends and new ones, play games and get excited for the impending game. And how could I not mention – great food and drinks??

  1. Rivalries

College football rivalries cut straight to the bone. It’s personal, it splits families on game day and it’s just plain ugly.  ANYTHING can happen in a rivalry game.

  1. Drama

One of your starting players gets hurt and you have to replace him last minute with someone who has received none/to barely any playing time, and he prevails. You win by a kick… all of these moments leaving you on the edge of your seat and high fiving strangers who have become friends in your section when you win.

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